Rildi Pramudya
Rildi Pramudya

He is working with Senior Executives, HR colleagues, Manager and helped the organization to identify their needs in order to create and ensure a high performance team by acquiring a good and match talent for organization. Includes a variety of industry sectors such as Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Oil & gas, Mining, Plantation, Construction, Media, Financial & Banking, Hospitality, Manufacturing, E-commerce, and other Industries with the Specialization in HR Function.

Adding value to both client/candidate relationships is a long term operating model for him. He enjoys working with people and helping others develop their skills and career aspirations.

Prior to joining RGF Executive Search Indonesia, he had worked at Korn Ferry Hay Group (Product Group) as Account Manager, Modern Trait Channel Supervisor  at PT Dadi Prima (Licensee for Barbie House and Barbie character in stationary), Motivational team at PT Link Net (First Media) and Operations retail manager at  PT Panaksara Pustaka, (ak’sa;ra) Bookstore.

Rildi studied Business Administration in Atmajaya University, Jakarta and received his Bachelor degree from Institute Business and Multimedia (IBM) ASMI, Jakarta.

Coverage areas: