Bonaventura Erwin

Managing Consultant

Bona focuses on best talents for Human Resources area at RGF Executive Indonesia. He also specializes in organizational structures and improves employee effectiveness. He has a wide range of experience, having involved in many different industrial sectors. He is equipped to work with clients to form solutions for corporate problems by transforming business processes to optimize efficiency. He specializes in recruitment, people management, project management, building strategic partnerships, business development, process improvement, sales & marketing, business operation, management information system, digital marketing, and also information technology solutions.
Bona has more than 20 years of experience in different industrial sectors and various organizational functions. He works with senior management and human resources team to align human resources strategy and designing various programmes activities to help organizations realign their values. He will work with clients to identify to drive new organization developments by identifying and analyzing the suitable talent for the client. He also engages with top and line management to help them achieve clarity about organization structure, roles, accountabilities and performance targets.
Bona has worked closely with the business leaders and HR counterparts in coming up with the right solutions that can make organizations more effective. This includes analyzing and evaluating organizations, parts of organizations and jobs. Bona is also experienced in organization transformation including organization structure development and recruitment strategy. Bona is also accustomed to developing the information and technological systems as well as digital processing within businesses.
Prior to joining RGF Executive Indonesia, Bona has led the e-Banking department of Citibank N.A. and served as the Head of Direct Banking in Standard Chartered Bank, where he was accountable for Electronic Banking, Payment Channels, and Distribution Expansion. He also worked in the Media and Telecommunication sectors with PT. Global Mediacom / MNC and PT. FirstMedia / PT. Linknet, where he was General Manager for the Marketing and Sales Effectiveness functions. He also experienced as Country Leader for Digital Customer Experience at Schneider Electric. He also had experience serving as Account Manager at DHL early in his career.
Bona obtained his Bachelor of Economics from Padjajaran University, Bandung, Indonesia in 1993. He also holds a Master of Business Administration from Oklahoma City University, USA in 1996.

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